The "Perpetual Motion" series consists of amorphous forms designed and observed using clay, which exhibit a constant transformation in the images within the series. The idea behind the series revolves around the concept that objects and the structures produced around them have evolved in a manner similar to organisms throughout human history.

The series aims to evoke the changes in all objects and tools used by humankind as a result of industrialization and differentiation in production processes. By juxtaposing images of a machine produced in the 19th century, a toy fan used to cool processors at Anka Park, or a factory with forms created from clay, speculative connections are established between concepts such as past/future and organic/artificial.

Armed Roof, Oil on canvas, 6 x (20x20 cm), 2019

Prosthetic Structure Machine,  Oil on canvas, 35x90 cm, 2020

Motherboard, Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2019

Electric Stimulator Controlled Reality, Oil on canvas and ink, 70x100 cm 2021

Castle, Oil on canvas,60 x 70 cm, 2019