The term "Curse of Dimensionality," first coined by mathematician R. Bellman, describes the problems caused by the exponential increase in volume associated with adding extra dimensions to Euclidean space. Nowadays, this term is observed in several fields such as machine learning, data analysis, and data mining. It signifies the challenges that arise from the increase in data in a multidimensional space, which is unlike the three-dimensional physical realm of everyday life. While a higher number of dimensions theoretically allows for more information to be stored, it creates a kind of noise and is not practically functional due to the curse of dimensionality.

The scene divided into three rooms is entirely generated on the computer. The videos depicting motion on a mathematical plane indicate real-life data and represent dwellings in this multidimensional space. Similarly, the sound present in the video serves the same narrative purpose. What people are saying will rarely be understood and mostly turn into noise.

Ceren Su Çelik

Curse of Dimensionality, Computer generated video, 2022 8’45’’, sound with loop, 5061 x 3000 px, 2022