Suddenly Found Myself In The Middle Of The River Of Life

CGI and mix media, 26'', loop video with sound

The artwork progresses as an AI reads a poem generated by another AI, trained with the voice of a Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet.

“I suddenly found myself in the middle of the river of life,
All mirrors have turned towards me, echoing a voice within,
My body lies beneath the pure sun's rays,
A lifetime passes amid the heated plates,
My heart is the hero of the task, the square of the laborer…”

In the video, cyborg and robot-like characters exist within an imaginary world with a chaotic, ever-shifting metallic terrain. They constantly see themselves in a mirror rotating around them. This highly colorful and challenging environment is created to reflect a distorted version of today's world. The artwork aims to contemplate the positioning of the "artist figure" within such a world. It questions the concept of being an artist-worker in the ever-expanding data cloud created by social media and the internet, forming a new workforce.